Mission Statement

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MISSION: To Research capture and present the History of Fires in the City of Newark, NJ and to HONOR Newark Firefighters that made the ultimate sacrifices.

I have done research in this area NON STOP digitizing and improving multimedia files I have been collecting, organizing and capturing since I bought my 1st Mac in 1994. I COLLECTED as much as possible SAVING before it got destroyed or vanished without a trace.

I will be documenting and storing what matters most, solely as a memorial tribute to ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR FALLENS SACRIFICE.


This section is in honor of the dozens of Newark firefighters that gave their lives to protect and serve

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Instructors & Contributors

Not only is Newark rich with Fire history, it also has home grown talent that created many innovations over centuries. This section will introduce you to many experts who have developed fire knowledge from experience.

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History & Memorabilia

Newark Fire History and Memorabilia ALL fires are Newark NJ Fire Related told by Newark Fire Historians through archived video footage, photos and original artwork.

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