Fireman George D. Frainey

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On Oct.4,1937 The Newark Fire Department lost another member in the LOD, Fireman George D. Frainey, badge #783 was appointed on 4/16/1917 and assigned on 4/18/1917 as an original member of Squad 1. On 4/3/1918, he transferred to Engine 3. On 8/3/1923, he transferred to Truck 5. On 6/1/1925, he transferred and became an original member of Truck 11. On 10/1/1926, he transferred back to Squad 1. On 7/24/1935, he transferred to Truck 4 when Squad 1 was disbanded. He was battling a three-alarm factory fire at the Celluloid Corporation on 10/4/1937, when an explosion occurred. He was struck in the head by a falling beam which killed him instantly. He was 46 years old at the time of his death.

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