Fireman Theodore C. Baker

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NOVEMBER 28, 1899
While on duty in the quarters of Truck 4, at 216 Lafayette Street, at Congress Street, complained of not feeling well in the morning, but went about performing his normal firehouse duties. After grooming the horses, he stated that he was going to lie down in the cellar of the firehouse because of pains he felt in his left side.

At 12:30 hours, Fireman William McConnell went to the basement to let Baker know to prepare for his lunch leave. McConnell found him lying on the floor near the furnace and tried to awaken him, to no avail. The four-year veteran had apparently suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Baker’s family reported that he had not been feeling well since the accident of July 27, in which he was thrown from the apparatus, and Fireman Kinsey was killed when the truck was struck by a trolley car. Baker was unmarried and lived with his parents at 57-59 Congress Street.

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